Sanur Villas

Sanur, a charming beachside town in Bali, Indonesia, offers a serene getaway with its tranquil beaches, laid-back vibe, and lush green landscapes. Exploring this picturesque paradise becomes an even more exquisite experience when you choose to stay in one of our privately owned Sanur villas available for rent.

These villas in bali serve as the ideal home-away-from-home, offering unparalleled comfort, privacy and a chance to experience Balinese hospitality at its finest. Each villa in Sanur comes with its unique blend of traditional Balinese architecture and modern amenities, creating a perfect balance between luxury and homely comfort.

Staying in our Sanur villa allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture while enjoying breathtaking views of the beach, tropical gardens, or the town's charming streets. Most villas also offer amenities such as private pools, fully equipped kitchens, and round-the-clock staff services, ensuring that your stay is hassle-free and relaxing.

Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or a family vacation, our Sanur's rental villas cater to all needs and preferences. Their strategic location also puts you in close proximity to local attractions, shopping centers, and restaurants, making your stay in Sanur an unforgettable experience.

Rent Sanur Villas With Us

Experience the epitome of luxury with our exclusive selection of Sanur Villas, the perfect choice for your next family-friendly holiday. Our portfolio includes the best vacation rentals in Sanur, each one offering a unique blend of traditional charm and modern comfort. Whether you're seeking an intimate boutique villa for a romantic getaway or a larger property for the whole family, we've got you covered.

All of our Sanur Villas come with stunning ocean views, giving you the chance to wake up to the sight of the sparkling blue sea each morning. If you prefer a little more privacy, we also have secluded options with private beaches, away from the hustle and bustle. The villas are equipped with top-notch amenities to ensure your stay is nothing short of spectacular.

Making your dream holiday a reality is just a few clicks away with our easy online booking system. Choose a Sanur Villa today and indulge in the luxury beach holiday you've always dreamed of.

Why Choose Our Vacation Rentals in Sanur for Your Perfect Getaway

With Private Pool : Our villas in Sanur offer private swimming pools for your exclusive relaxation and enjoyment. No sharing, no waiting - just dive right in whenever you want.

On the Beach : Wake up to stunning ocean views as our select villas are situated right on the beach. Feel the warm, sandy beach between your toes, only steps away from your villa.

Monthly Rental : We offer convenient monthly rental options offering you a home away from home. Benefit from our discounted rates for extended stays and truly immerse yourself in the beauty of Sanur.

With Chef : Experience exquisite dining in the comfort of your villa. Our professional chefs prepare your meals to perfection, using fresh, local ingredients to deliver delicious, authentic flavors.

Wedding : Our villas serve as idyllic wedding venues, providing an unbeatable backdrop of pristine beaches and tropical beauty for your special day. We offer comprehensive wedding packages, taking care of every detail so you can focus on enjoying your momentous occasion.

Top Advantages of Opting for a Sanur Villa Stay

Looking for a memorable vacation experience in Bali? Opt for a stay in one of the luxurious and spacious villas located in the charming town of Sanur. You'll enjoy a range of benefits by choosing this type of accommodation, such as privacy, space, and superior amenities. With your own private pool and garden, you can relax in complete tranquility with your loved ones, away from the hustle and bustle of tourist hotspots. The villas are also equipped with modern furnishings, high-quality linens, and world-class entertainment systems to guarantee an exceptional stay. What's more, Sanur villas offer easy access to the stunning beaches, delicious local cuisine, and cultural sites, making your Bali holiday experience complete.

Explore Nearby Attractions from your Sanur Holiday Homes

Location Distance Description
Beach Market 2.5 A bustling market offering local crafts, souvenirs, and fresh produce.
Sanur Beach 1 Relax on the pristine white sands and enjoy the serene coastal vibes.
Bali Museum 3.2 Explore Bali's rich history and culture through artifacts and exhibits.
Le Mayeur Museum 1.8 An art museum showcasing the works of Belgian painter Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur.
Serangan Island 5.5 Visit this island for water sports, turtle conservation, and pristine beaches.
Bajra Sandhi Monument 4.0 A monument celebrating the struggle for Indonesian independence with a museum.
Sindhu Night Market 2.7 Experience the lively night market with street food, local delicacies, and souvenirs.
Turtle Conservation 6.1 A conservation center dedicated to protecting and rehabilitating sea turtles.
Bali Safari & Marine Park 9.5 Enjoy a safari adventure and explore a variety of wildlife in a natural setting.
Ubud Monkey Forest 20.0 Immerse yourself in nature and culture, surrounded by playful monkeys in Ubud.



Oceanfront Bliss: Luxury 2 bedroom Sanur Villas with Breathtaking Sea Views

Nestled on the serene coastline of Sanur, the Oceanfront Bliss villas offer a tranquil sanctuary with stunning sea views that greet you each morning. These luxury two-bedroom villas combine the elegance of traditional Balinese architecture with the comforts of modern amenities. Upon entering, guests are captivated by the immaculately landscaped gardens which pave the way to spacious living areas that boast an open-air design, inviting the gentle sea breeze to permeate through the space.


Family Fun in the Sun: Summer Holidays at a Kid-Friendly Villa in Sanur

Experience the joy of a family summer holiday at our kid-friendly villa in Sanur, a tranquil seaside town in Bali, Indonesia. The villa promises a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure to keep everyone entertained. With its spacious rooms, child-friendly amenities and a private pool, it's an idyllic home away from home.