SA Complete And New Book On Bali’s Culinary Wealth

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SA Complete And New Book On Bali’s Culinary Wealth

Bali is the pride of Indonesia with its natural beauty, unique culture and culinary wealth and now, Bondan Winarno, a famed traditional culinary writer and presenter here in Indonesia, lauds Bali’s culinary wealth in his new book ‘100 Maknyus Bali’.

Maknyus is a Javanese slang for delicious or yummy and through this book, readers will see 50 traditional Balinese recipes, photos and restaurant locations in Bali complete with address and GPS coordinates. Together with Harry Nazarudin and Lidia Tanod from the traditional Indonesian culinary communities Jalan Sutra (Silk Road) and Bintang Indonesia (Indonesian Star), the book is a meticulously written comprehensive reviews of 50 food stalls and restaurants serving authentic Balinese food and another 50 restaurants offering Indonesian, regional and international specialties.

Throughout the course of his long career, Bondan has obtained valuable information and knowledge about the history of Balinese food from various regions. “Every village, every district has its own special food, each with unique characteristics and flavours,” explained Bondan. Food from Gianyar, for instance, is rich in spices and colourful, while Denpasar is famous for its hot and spicy food. Karangasem in east Bali is proud of its tangy and savoury flavour, while Singaraja is famed for its spicy dishes enriched with thick coconut milk.”

Launched last Thursday at Bendega Restaurant in Renon, Denpasar, the book is written in Indonesian and English. Previously, the authors co-wrote the book ‘100 Maknyus Jakarta’, which was awarded ‘Best in the World in 2014’ and ‘Best of the Bests in 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair’ by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

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