Renting Villa Tips

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Renting Villa Tips

If you are considering to rent a villa for the following trip, we recommend you to do research in order to find the best option or the best offer. The following ideas can help you to make a choice so you can take pleasure on your vacation.

Renting Holiday Villa

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of renting a villa by yourself or through the agents. Perhaps you will get cheaper rates if book by yourself, but mostly agents get contract rates so they can give the price under it’s published rates (or at least same to published rates). Usually agents have many villa listings so they can give you more options of villa as on your budget and expectation. Means, will not too waste time. In otherhand, travelagents offer more cooperation and assistance, which can be great if something goes wrong such us booking cancellation etc. We Bali will assists you from the start till you check out. Remember to consider your preferences included the type of rental packages that you need when making a decision.


Record the priorities. If you know what your needs, you will find the villa that supposed to meet your needs. For the example: consider about the number of bedrooms and see the facilities you need. When contemplating your options, keep in mind that availability of the villa is the main point. You can ask to the villa owner or your travelagents will help to check it. Don’t forget to verify the facilities offered once you will need it.

The Pictures

When you see the villa’s picture on web, perhaps you might want to bear in mind that the pictures are usually deceiving. So make sure that you see the various pictures and check out both the interior and exterior views of the same from each unit. Better you check the villa directly on it’s location if possible, or you can search for references so you can get an accurate feeling on this issue from the villa. It is best also to find out about nearby sights together with other features was obtained. On our Bali website ( ), we put many pictures of each villa where you can see and compare.


Ask everything about the villa, such as learn about the sleeping arrangements, kitchen appliances, aproximity to the nearest restaurant, etc. Make sure that you check reviews and references from previous villa users, but remember that opinions on the website is not necessarily accurate. Last, find out about the procedure for a refund. We Bali will give you all needed information.

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