Bali’s New and Sophisticated International Airport

Bali Governor Issues Recommendation For New Airport In North Bali

Bali’s New and Sophisticated International Airport

Bali will soon be home to the world’s first ever floating airport with the completion of the Panji Sakti International Airport in North Bali. Reputed to be the most advanced of its kind, this airport will be at the Kubutambahan village in Buleleng.

According to Panji Sakti’s President Director, Dr. Made Mangku, the airport will be the first of its kind in Indonesia and the most sophisticated. Due to its unique location in the middle of the ocean, developers are planning to use hydraulics to adapt to the ocean’s tides.

The airport will have two floors and equipped with an aero city and a marina as well as passenger trains to take passengers in and out of the airport. There are also plans to include an unmanned electric train to ferry passengers from the parking lot on the main land to the terminals.

According to Mangku, the floating airport should utilize and produce renewable energy for water supply through distillation process of sea water to drinkable water. “For power, we need 50 MW. Of that amount, 37 MW is generated for the airport, while the rest are for the public. The same goes for water; we’ll provide it for the public.”

Overall the floating airport requires land area reaching 2,150 hectares, allocated for a power plant that requires 150 hectares of land area; aero city with 600 hectares; and runway and terminal with 1,400 hectares. There will also be an education facility, mall, and hotels. To facilitate access, PT Jasa Marga will build a new toll road that connects the north to the south.