Bali’s Administration Decides To Scrap 86 Regional Laws

Bali’s Administration, Decides To Scrap, 86 Regional Laws, Indonesia

Bali’s Administration Decides To Scrap 86 Regional Laws

86 local government regulations have been scrapped by Bali’s Governor Made Mangku Pastika who said that the regulations were contradictory to provincial or national laws or were no longer considered to be in the public interest.

The 86 laws were from 9 districts or cities on the island.
Bali provincial administration spokesperson I Dewa Gede Mahendra said that the decision to remove said laws was based on article 251 of the Law No. 23/2014 on regional administrations, which gives governors the right to scrap any regulations based on those three criteria.

“There are three benchmarks for deciding which local regulations to scrap: those that conflict with higher laws; those that are not in the public interest and those that don’t conform to social norms,” he added.

The second legal basis for the regulations’ scrapping is the Ministry of Home Affairs’ regulation No. 80/2015 on regional laws, as well as the Home Affairs Minister’s decree No. 582/1107/SJ on the affirmation of scrapping regulations involving bureaucratic processes and investment licensing.

The 86 scrapped regulations consisted of 70 regional regulations, 11 regional head regulations and five processed regulations, said I Wayan Sugiada, who heads the Bali provincial government’s legal office.

Legal products on the scrapped regulations will still be applied. “So the scrapping does not mean a void of law, as the legal product numbers still exist,” Sugiada said. He added that none of the regulations that were phased out were related to public decency or social norms.