Bali To End Year With Record High Arrivals

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Bali To End Year With Record High Arrivals

Bali can expect to end the year with a record number of 4.75 million foreign tourists’ arrivals. The bulk of Bali’s tourism growth is coming from Mainland China – in June, it was recorded that 77,906 Chinese tourists visited Bali, a 28.87% increase from the number in June 2015. Chinese visitors from January to June this year were recorded at 464,022, 31.19% than the same period in 2015.

Meanwhile, Australian travellers to Bali in June 2016 increased by 12.44% to 106,443, allowing the Australian market to remain the largest source of visitors to the island with a 23.62% market share of all foreign arrivals to Bali. Year-on-year Australian arrivals are also up to 10.89%.

Other foreign arrivals into Bali that demonstrated strong growth include Japan, United Kingdom, India, USA and France while disappointing arrival performance for the first half of 2016 include Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand.

June 2016 monthly foreign arrivals numbered at 405,835 – a figure that was 12.83% more month-on-month than the 359,702 recorded in June 2015.