Bali Develops 11 Tourist Villages for 2016


Bali Develops 11 Tourist Villages for 2016

Bali has so much more to offer than just its sparkling white sandy beaches. Its beautiful people, culture, districts and breathtaking natural wonders all come together to bring us a harmonious blend of paradise on earth. In recognition of Bali’s popularity to tourists and paradise-seekers around the world, the Provincial Government of Bali has identified a number of sites that has been chosen as Tourists Villages.

Eleven villages have been named to date, which are spread over eight districts. They are:

  1. Desa Pemuteran (Kabupaten Buleleng)
  2. Desa Batuagung (Kabupaten Jembrana)
  3. Desa Tua (Kabupaten Tabanan)
  4. Desa Sudimara (Kabupaten Tabanan)
  5. Desa Pangsan (Kabupaten Badung)
  6. Desa Singapadu Tengah (Kabupaten Gianyar)
  7. Desa Bakas (Kabupaten Klungkung)
  8. Desa Trunyan (Kabupaten Bangli)
  9. Suter (Kabupaten Bangli)
  10. Desa Antiga (Kabupaten Karangasem)
  11. Muntigunung (Kabupaten Karangasem)

Head of the Bali Tourism Office, AA Gede Putra Yuniartha said, “This is an effort undertaken by our part so that tourists will discover more of Bali, and do not get tired of coming back to the island. Our target is by 2018, Bali will have 100 Tourism Villages in 9 districts.”

“To support this program, the Bali Tourism Office will encourage the Indonesian government to fix and maintain the infrastructure within each village while working closely with travel agents for promotional activities. “

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